5,5555,555,555 BetID

Let's hunt dice bet with 5,5555,555,555 BetID !
Compete for 5.55555555 LTC reward!


The player that places the dice Bet ID 5,5555,555,555 will receive 5.55555555 LTC.
To claim a reward, the player must report in chat in 5 minutes and must have at least 3 active days. Playmoney bets are not eligible.
If the bet doesn't fit requirements or player doesn't claim reward, next valid bet will be the winner.
Good luck!

Halving our house edge!

On May 12th, when the Bitcoin halving comes, we'll be cutting our edge in half ;)

Don't hesitate and play dice for whole day with a half house edge! That's only 0.4%!
Catch the winning spirit!

Important Reminder: Storing funds

Over the last few months we have noticed that some users are utilizing CryptoGames more in the way of an online wallet or cold storage than a casino. While there is no direct issue with that behaviour, we would like to take a moment and remind people of the security implications. Storing funds outside of your own wallets for a longer time comes with significant risks, and even though we do our best to provide the maximum possible security for funds stored at CryptoGames, we cannot fully negate those additional risks.

We thus advise everyone to minimize the time they keep their funds with any service, this includes CryptoGames. Ideally, you deposit right before you start gambling and withdraw once you are done. This helps to reduce the risk for both for you and the service. If you have been storing your funds with CryptoGames (or any other service) for a longer time, please reconsider your decision, and maybe withdraw them to your own wallets to manage those funds yourself.

This post is part of a series on security. We at CryptoGames are committed to providing the best possible security and informing users about secure practices, in the past, we’ve also released informative updates about Ransomware, Phishing Attacks and basic Account Security.

Coinswitch Tutorial

We prepaired an infographic and a youtube tutorial how to use Coinswitch and deposit additional 35 coins to CryptoGames. Full size image can be reached here.

Youtube video can be viewed here