Video Poker

An Introduction To Online Video Poker: Basic Rules And Strategy

Video poker has become one of the most talked-about game in the online casino world. The number of reasons for this is not one by many. This is one of those games you will find in almost all the big casinos.

There are so many casino sites, it becomes a daunting task to find the one to start playing on. This can be made easy if you visit a site that provides a complete guide to online casino word. One such site is CryptoGames.

Video poker is similar to a regular poker game, here too you will be given 5 cards from which you need to make the strongest hand that is possible with the cards. You are also given the chance to keep the desired cards in your hand and exchange the undesired ones in order to make a better poker hand.

It is very important to know the ranking of the poker hands. Following are the rankings from highest to lowest:
1. Straight Flush: Five cards in a numerical order, each belonging to a common suit.
2. Four of a Kind: Four cards of the same numerical value and one side card (kicker).
3. Full house: Three cards of the same value along the other two cards with different but matching value.
4. Flush: Five cards belonging to the same suit.
5. Straight: Five cards that may belong to any suit but are in a numerical series.
6. Three of a kind: Three cards with similar numerical value and the other two cards having no significance.
7. Two pairs: Two pairs of cards of similar numerical value and one insignificant card.
8. One pair: Two cards of the same numerical value but the other three have no significance.
9. High Card: When the cards don’t make up any of the above series, they are called ‘high cards’.

One needs to play the game many times to develop the skill of arranging the cards in the best way possible and in the shortest possible time. You need to have a clear knowledge about the odds of getting one, from the above mentioned nine series. Know that the odds of hitting a royal flush is 1 in 40,390 and the odds of getting four of a kind is 0.24%. Hence, the probability that no one has formed one of the two series is very high.

Knowledge of the probability of forming one series will help you a lot in determining how strong your card is.

The best strategy for beginners will be practising with Play-Money. Playing poker online has many benefits since it becomes very attractive to play online than on the regular casinos. There are many versions of video poker and every site has different rules. Always stick to one poker game. This will help you win with the skills that you have garnered while playing on it.

And remember: Catch the winning spirit! ;)