How to Use API for Dice Bots: Autopilot Your Own Strategies

Crypto gamblers love dice. It’s fast, it’s flexible, has some of the lowest minimum bets and some of the highest payouts possible with typically low house edge.

dice api bot

At CryptoGames, you can gamble with Bitcoin and other crypto on two versions of dice (with Dice v2 for a more visual representation) with all the advantages associated with the game and more, including:

  • Up to 0.8% house edge (the industry-standard best is 1%)
  • A maximum payout of 9920x
  • Bet speeds of 10ms
  • Minimum bets of 1 satoshi
  • A chance to hit progressive jackpots

Getting more out of Dice

Perhaps the biggest appeal of dice is how it allows you to test out a wide range of betting strategies that wouldn’t otherwise be possible at a regular casino.

Thanks to low minimum and high maximum bets, coupled with auto betting features with advanced bet behaviours built into it, players can determine all kinds of conditions for a customised betting session, seeing out their strategies automatically across hundreds of thousands of bets without manual interaction.

Quite literally, one could set an auto betting session to run on CryptoGames Dice and allow the bets to proceed while they sleep!

Bot APIs for advanced strategies on autopilot

While the built-in auto betting feature on our site may suit most requirements, you can also use your own automated script to play dice. Commonly called Dice Bots or betting bots, these scripts run dice bets on set conditions on behalf of the player.

In addition to conditional betting, these scripts also let you build charts on your device, allowing you to keep better track of your profit/loss and betting statistics, look up old bets, and even set automatic withdrawal/deposit functions when certain balance hits.

If you’re a programmer, you can even code your own strategies and share them with others or use other scripts coded by other users.

Over the years, programmers and dice enthusiasts have created many dice programs or dice bots to help automate different betting strategies. You can explore different bots to find something you like but in this article, we’ll explain how you can use the Seuntjie DiceBot, one of the oldest and most reputable betting bots out there, to play dice on CryptoGames.

Note: CryptoGames does not vouch for any third-party application. It is highly recommended that you self-verify the source code of any software you wish to use.

Connecting a dice bot to CryptoGames API

Using a dice bot is as simple as connecting it to the CryptoGames application programming interface (API) so that your Bot manages and executes your dice bets on CryptoGames.

The following steps should apply to any betting bot you want to use; using Seuntjie’s Dicebot as an example:

  1. Under “Your Account”, navigate to “Settings”, then the “API” tab.

  2. If this is your first time, then you’ll need to enable API. Do this by clicking "Generate New Personal API Key". Otherwise, clicking “Show Personal API key” will display the API key you’ve already generated.
  3. Once generated, you can use your API key with a dice bot. You can download Seuntjie from the official site. Refer to their documentation for installation.

    Note: Remember, NEVER share your API key with others as this could give them unauthorised access to your CryptoGames account!
  4. Once you’ve booted up Dicebot, select CryptoGames to connect to from the “Site” pulldown menu, along with the crypto you would like to bet with.
  5. You then need to login into CryptoGames via the Dicebot, using your credentials. Enter your username, API Key, and 2FA Code (if enabled), the click “Log In”

  6. And you’re set! You should see the Status Bar at the bottom left showing: “Logged In”. Now you’re free to implement the most basic dice strategies like martingale, or configure your very own strategies using advanced settings on Dicebot. As mentioned, you can also customize your own scripts. You can view CryptoGames API Documentation here.

Enjoy the fastest crypto dice with the lowest house edge -- on autopilot

So if you’ve ever wanted to test out a strategy that isn’t possible with regular autobetting, or you simply want to have more control over the management of your betting and statistics, go ahead and try out a Dicebot with CryptoGames API.

Best of all, you can leave Dicebot to run in the background and still use the site to play other games manually or hang out in chat with other regulars.

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun while you try and catch that winning spirit!