When your number’s up, you win

The lottery is one of the most-well known games of chance, often played with many players, each holding tickets or allocations in a common pool. The winner(s) are then selected by random drawing of these tickets.

It is actually a well-recognized process of fair selection, used often in decision-making scenarios such as determining group participants in sporting contests like the World Cup, or even in government-run programmes like when medical treatment is scarce. Countries have even used lotteries in conscription processes. One famous large-scale lottery was the 1969 draft lottery used by the USA to select citizens for military service during its war in Vietnam.

Thankfully, in gambling, winning a lottery is considered very lucky, as the odds of wining common lotteries often are millions, if not billions to one. There are many types of lotteries held all over the world, but the typical crypto pool-style lottery sees its participants buying a ticket for a small sum of money. It is expected that because of the small ticket price, many people will buy many tickets, with a major portion of each purchase added to the common prize pool.

As only a few winners are usually picked, the prize payout is potentially massive relative to the financial outlay -- lottery winners in general win many, many more times the ticket they paid for.

0% House Edge Lottery at CryptoGames

First off, it should be pointed out that the lottery games at CryptoGames are uniquely without a house edge or any form of commission.

This is different from most other lotteries, as a lottery organizer normally charges a small commission on the total prize pool, as a fee for handling or administration on running the games and awarding the prizes. Essentially, that’s the house edge for a lottery organizer.

So perhaps the best bit about CryptoGames lottery is that 100% of the funds collected from the sale of tickets goes to the winners. You won’t easily find another zero-house edge crypto lottery!

Play CryptoGames lottery

Crypto.Games hosts lottery draws twice a week where you can buy your tickets using cryptocurrencies. Currently, tickets can be bought using Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ether. Lot drawings take place every Saturday and Wednesday.

To play Lottery at CryptoGames, simply select Lottery from the Change Game pulldown menu.

Once the page loads, you will find a information field displaying:

  1. A countdown showing the time left until the current active round ends.
  2. The real-time prize allocation for winners. Each lottery round selects three random tickets to be awarded First, Second, and Third place prizes. These allocations will update
  3. The total tickets already bought in the current round.
  4. The total pot (which is the sum of the ticket price, multiplied by the Total tickets), in the currency you have selected. The full pot amount (100%) is distributed to the winners in the following ratio:
    • 1st place: 80% of the pot
    • 2nd place: 15% of the pot
    • 3rd place: 5% of the pot
  5. Select the “Buy tickets” tab to buy tickets and participate in the current round. You should see the following screen:

  6. Enter the quantity of tickets you want to buy and click the “Buy Tickets” button. Your total tickets held will be shown, along with your win chance percentage. The more tickets you hold, the higher you chance to win.
  7. Scroll further down (or look in your right pane, depending on your screen resolution) and you’ll find an updated leaderboard, displaying all the lottery participants, their total tickets held, and their win chance. You can look at your ticket IDs for current and past rounds from here.

Good to know about CryptoGames Lottery

  1. Lots for each round are drawn using random numbers generated through the RandomPicker service. Public records of past draws using RandPicker Draws can be found here:
  2. Draws take place twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday.
  3. You can also buy lottery tickets directly from the Chat, using the “!lotto” command. In this way, you can also tip other users with lottery tickets.
  4. Lotteries are available for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin only.
  5. The price of lottery tickets can sometimes be adjusted, depending somewhat on market rates for cryptocurrency.
Finding out if you won the lottery at CryptoGames is one of the most anticipated events every week, as the winners are announced live on chat. So head on over to CryptoGames, where you’re always smiling when your number’s up.