Lottery Basics

Lottery is a form of gambling where users buy lottery tickets with the hope that one of their tickets will be picked. Crypto.Games hosts lottery draws twice a week where you can buy your tickets using cryptocurrencies. Currently, tickets can be bought using Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ether. Lot drawings take place every Saturday and Wednesday.

Ticket prices:

To make sure that everyone can participate in our lottery, we sell tickets at very affordable prices.
The cost of a lottery ticket, by coin, is shown below:Bitcoin Lottery – 0.0001 BTC per ticket
Dogecoin Lottery – 200 DOGE per ticket
Ethereum Lottery – 0.005 ETH per ticket

Prize pool:

The prize pool is the total money raised from the tickets purchased. Each ticket bought contributes to the prize pool. So, the higher the amount of tickets sold, the higher the prize pool will be. For example, if 100 BTC lottery tickets are sold, then the total prize pool would be: 0.0001 x 100 = 0.01BTC.

How to Play:

In order to join a “lotto” draw, all you have to do is buy at least 1 ticket. Head over to the “Lotto” game tab and select the desired coin you want to play with. Next, click on the “Buy Tickets” tab. You will see a box labeled “Quantity” where you can enter the number of tickets you wish to buy. On the right side you will see the total cost of your tickets. Lastly, just click on the “Buy Tickets” button. That’s it, you will be included in the next draw! If you would like, you are able to see your chances of winning below in the same tab. The more tickets you own, the higher your chances of winning.
The drawings take place every Saturday and Wednesday. You can check the time left for each round in the “Lottery” tab. You can also the current number of tickets purchased as well as the potential prized in the same tab. On the very right side of the “Your Tickets” tab, you can check your ticket ID.


Every Saturday and Wednesday the winners are of each cryptocurrency prize pool are chosen. The 3 winners for each cryptocurrency prize pool receive the following prizes:
1st Place will receive 80% of the total prize pool.
2nd Place will receive 14% of the total prize pool.
3rd Place will receive 4.5% of the total prize pool.
The remaining 1.5% goes to the house for maintenance and development of the casino.


“Sniping” lottery prize pools is allowed at Crypto.Games. From the “This Round Tickets” tab, you can check the win chance for each player and their total number of tickets purchased. To effectively “Snipe,” you the following steps below:

1.    Keep on buying small amounts of tickets once a round begins.
2.    A few minutes before the round ends (you can check this from the “Lottery” tab), buy enough tickets such that your win percentage is very high compared to the other players.
3.    Remember, you have to make sure that EACH user has a low percentage of winning chance after you buy those tickets in order to maximize your chances of winning.

Good luck and remember to have fun!