The price is right

Almost 40 years ago, Plinko made its first appearance on American television through a game show called The Price is Right, where contestants try to win cash and other prizes by guessing the price of different merchandise.

In that version, contestants were given a puck that they would bring with them as they ascended a staircase to the top of a huge board made up of rows of pegs. When dropped, the puck would slowly bump and bounce on the pegs, sending it plinking (hence, Plinko!) all the way down to its final destination, where it would rest in one of several boxes, denoting the prize the contestant would win.

Whether it’s a sense of kinship with the show’s departure from popular quiz formats of the era, or the seemingly random twists of bounce and chance that would push the puck farther and farther away from the center where bigger prizes awaited, or perhaps a strange attraction to Drew Carey, Plinko has been a staple of online casinos, with the earliest versions appearing as slot machines. 

Later, crypto casinos adopted their own versions of crypto, using payout factors as the prize slots at the bottom of pyramid-shaped pegboards. More advanced versions, like ours here at CryptoGames, allow different settings that adjust the risk-reward ratio for prize payouts, and for autoplay to continue plinking those pucks (or balls, like in our version) down endlessly in the search for the ultimate payout.

Play Plinko at CryptoGames

To play Plinko at CryptoGames, simply select Plinko from the Change Game pulldown menu. 

Once the page loads, you will find a play field of the pyramid shaped pegboard with 17 possible prize spots, as shown in the image above.

  1. You can customize your Bet Amount, denominated in credits. To see the equivalent value in crypto, use the conversion reference on the bottom left, below the betting options.

  2. Now look below the pyramid pegboard, where you will see four rows of numbers. These numbers are your prize multiplier. Let’s use some examples. If betting with 10 credits and:
    • the ball falls on 1, you will win 1x your wager. Hence, 10 x 1 = 10 credits: it’s a push and you don’t win or lose anything.
    • The ball falls on 0.6,  you win 0.6x your wager. Hence, 10 x 0.6 = 6 credits: you end up losing 3 credits on the wager.
    • The ball falls on 1100, you will win 1100x your wager, Hence, 10 x 1100 = 11000: you win 10990 credits!

  3. When you’re ready, you then need to decide which row or prizes you want to play for. These are available in four options, which you select from the colour pulldown menu on the top left. You can choose either Green, Red, Blue or Yellow. The colour here is important to note, as it directly corresponds to its coloured row in the prize payout. In the image above, RED is selected, and the prize row is highlighted in RED, so you will play for the prizes in the Red row only. 

  4. After clicking DROP, your ball will slowly descend the pegboard, hitting and bouncing (and plinking, if you’ve enabled sound) as it makes its way to a prize spot. The farther away from the centre you manage to land, the bigger your prize payout. Want the ball to travel faster? Simple toggle the Speed setting -- the tortoise is the default regular speed and the hare will give you quick plinko drops.

Ever wondered what it would look like if one of the contestants on The Price is Right could drop hundreds of balls endlessly? Then Autobet might just be your cup of tea.

  1. Simply switch to Automated Betting mode (click AUTO next to DROP).
  2. Set your Bet Size in credits.
  3. Select the Colour.
  4. Enter the number of bets to make.
  5. You can even customize certain conditions if you win or lose:
    • A positive % to increase the wager on the next drop.
    • A negative % to decrease the wager on the next drop.
  6. When you’re ready, click Start Autobet. Autobetting will continue until any of these things happen:
    • You press Stop Autobet;
    • Plinko completes the number of drops (bets) specified; or
    • You don’t have enough funds to place a minimum bet.

Payouts and winning multipliers.

While the prize multiplier rows may seem like random variations, their colour is actually suited to particular styles of play and have slightly different house edges.

Green: More wins more often
Should end up with the lowest net loss over a long period, but only a max payout of x10.

Red: Push more often but get bigger prizes
The majority of your bets will push, but you have slightly bigger prizes on the rarer hits with a max payout of x20

Blue: Most winning slots, but majority will lose
Has only one losing prize slot, but it is also the most likely slot to hit. X50 is the max payout.

Yellow: Lose more often but win bigger top prizes
Has the highest house edge as you’ll lose the majority of bets but one of the highest plinko max payout of x1100!

Whether you’re a fan of the original Plinko on TV, or find joy in the plinks of the game, come and bet at CryptoGames Plinko, where the prizes are always right!