A game of chance, sound and jackpots

Few other games remind us of the casino atmosphere like the slot machine does, with the typically cheerful and robust jingling of bells and electronic beeps in classic slot machines adding to the fun factor.

It’s the casual gambler’s favourite for many reasons. First, is the simplicity: no knowledge is needed, you just insert cash (or card), press spin and you’re on your way to winning. Or pull the handle if you’re on a really old machine -- hence the handle icon on the Spin button of the CryptoGames version;)

It’s also often the cheapest game to play in a casino, with most slot machines accepting coins but with a huge payout potential and even jackpot hits promising amazing wins for the price of pennies. 

On CryptoGames Slot, there isn’t a progressive jackpot (but you will get a 1,000x payout if you hit straight 7s!) but you do get a feature-rich version allowing you to customize settings to your own unique playing style.

Play Slots at CryptoGames

To play the slots at CryptoGames, simply select Slot from the Change Game pulldown menu, right next to your balance on the top right of the screen.

The play field, as shown in the image above, consists of 3 rows of 5 reels each, visualizing a screen of a slot machine. In CryptoGames Slots, only the reels in the middle row matter, all the other reels are simply visualisation effects.

There are some options you can customize from here, depending on your style of play. Changing these won’t affect your slot outcomes.

Playing slots is easy.

  1. Enter your Bet amount, denominated in credits. To see the equivalent value in crypto, use the conversion reference on the bottom left, below betting options.

  2. Click the Spin button. This will trigger a reel animation, with each individual reel spinning until it settles on an icon/picture in the middle row. For quicker outcomes, you can adjust the speed of each spin by toggling the speed icon on the top right of the play field (hare is fast, tortoise is slow).

  3. When the reels stop spinning, you will be informed if you’ve won, with any winnings automatically credited to your balance.

Manual or auto spin. The default setting for Slots is manual, but you can also toggle to Auto (button next to Spin). This will open up a new set of options as shown in the image above. You can enter the number of bets, bet size, and other pre-set conditions you would like your session to follow. When ready, click Start Autobet to begin your session. Autobetting will continue until any of these things happen:
    • You press Stop;
    • It completes the number of bets specified;
    • A specified condition under “Stop on Balance” is met; or
    • You don’t have enough funds to place a minimum bet.

Payouts and winning multipliers.

How much you win on Slots depends on the Win Combination, that is, how many of the correct reel icons settle on the middle row of the play field. The order of the combination does not matter.

Scroll down below the play and bet fields  (or on the right side of your screen, depending on your screen resolution) and you will find this information on Payouts in the Rewards tab.

And that’s all there is to slots! Join thousands of slot players going for the straight 7s and catch the winning spirit with CryptoGames!