Roulette Strategies

 How to win Bitcoin playing Roulette

Even though Roulette is a game of chance, there are some basic strategies a player can employ in order to maximize their odds. Below are a few of the most popular strategies when playing Roulette.

Martingale - This is one of the most popular strategies, and interestingly, it originates from Roulette. The strategy is very simple and involves betting on a 1:1 pay-out bet type such as red or black. If the player losses, they must double their bet. The player continues to double their bet on consecutive losses until they win, thereby winning their original bet amount. After a win, the player then reverts to their original base bet amount. This is a simple strategy, but is risky given the chance of long losing streaks and busting.

D’Alembert - This is one of the safer betting strategies as your bet size does not rapidly increase on losses. D’Alembert is applied to 1:1 pay-out bets and works by increasing your bet by 1 unit of your choice say 0.001 Bitcoin on a win and decreasing by 0.001 Bitcoin on a loss. You continue to do this with the hope that, in the long run, you will roll about the same number of wins as losses. If you have the same number of wins as losses, the way the math works out is that your profit equals the number of bets you have made. We encourage you to check the math as it is actually very neat the way the numbers work out. The downside to this system is, due to the house-edge or green number “0,” in the long-run, you are bound to run into more losses than wins. The upside is this betting strategy is relatively conservative. 

Build your own - There are players that have their own lucky numbers or lucky board sections and can incorporate them using these strategies. The token amounts used below are used as an example; you can tailor your betting amount depending on your personal betting style.

  • Lucky Number - Bet your lucky number 35 times. If you hit prior to the 35th spin, you have made a profit. If you do not hit by the 35th spin, double your bet and continue for another 35 spins and so on. You can also do this with multiple numbers at the same time.

  • 5 Double Streets - Double streets are bets on a set of 6 numbers. Winning this bet yields a profit of 10 tokens given the setup below. Pick and choose which double streets you would like to bet on.

  • Half and Dozen- To execute this bet choose either 1-18 and the 3rd dozen or 19-36 and the 1st dozen. Bet 20 tokens on the half and 10 tokens on the dozen. Winning this bet yields a 10 token profit.

  • 4 Splits/2 Column - This bet allows you to cover 14 numbers by betting 50 tokens on any two columns and 10 tokens on any 4 splits that are not covered by the columns. When you win a split you win 40 credits and 10 credits when you win on a column.

Of course, the strategies that have been listed are just a few to choose from. Spend some time playing Roulette or play with the odds to see what you enjoy or are comfortable with. As always, only gamble what you are willing to lose and celebrate when you win. We hope to see you at the CryptoGames Roulette table!