Have you tried CryptoGames Dice v2?

Introducing Dice v2

Recently, we wrote about the history and background of one of the most popular crypto-gambling games over the past ten years -- dice. From an ancient tool of prediction, to a staple of casinos, dice has had an unlikely revival thanks to Bitcoin and crypto and at CryptoGames, you can play dice for real money with 10 different cryptocurrencies or for fun with our in-house PlayMoney currency.

As dice is one of our most popular games -- low 1% house edge and up to 9,900x payout multipliers are the standout features -- we thought it was only apt to brush up our original dice game for what we hope is a more visually engaging game board.

Enter Dice v2!

You can play it using this direct link: https://crypto.games/dicev2/bitcoin or from choosing it from the Change Game pulldown menu at CryptoGames.

Same excitement, updated cosmetics

Just like our original Dice, betting is fast, wins are immediate, and you can manually adjust your desired payout, with your win chance and required results clearly displayed on the same game board.

Only, with Dice v2, we’ve now made it more intuitive for those who prefer a visual simulation. Instead of typing in your desired payout, you now just pull the tab on a slider to adjust your payout and, consequently, your win chance.

In the example above, the slider is set exactly in the middle, giving you precisely 50% chance to win your next bet. At the “Over” setting, this means, you have to roll over 49.999. 

To increase payouts, simply hold and pull the slider’s tab to the right. The green field will reduce, visualizing the decreasing chances for you to in. You can always adjust this manually by selecting the field under “Your win chance” and typing in your preferred win chance.

In this example, we’ve set the win chance to the highest possible (limited by the minimum payout possible on Dice v2, which is 1.02x. You can achieve the same setting by pulling the slider’s tab all the way to the left. If rolling “Under”, you’d pull the tab across the slider in the opposite direction.

When you’re ready, enter your Bet Amount at the top and click the Roll Over/Under button.

The resulting animation will see the tab move up and down the slider in decreasing speed, until it finally settles on a result. If it lands in the green field, you win! This simulates the “rolling” of the dice, so can be a really fun way to imagine yourself rolling that crypto dice for the big wins!

If you prefer the bet to settle quicker, simply change the speed setting (third icon to the right of the Bet Amount field). The default setting is slow but can be toggled between slow, normal, and no-animation(turtle, hare, struck-out hare). 

We didn’t forget about speed rollers and autobetting either -- perfect for Jackpot hunting on autopilot.

Simply select the “Auto” button, and enter your settings and betting behaviours as shown above. Clicking “Start Autobet” will kick off your auto betting session on Dice v2 and will only stop once you’ve run down the number of bets specified, or you’ve specified to stop on a particular balance, or you run out of coins to bet.

Of course, you can always return to the original Dice that you know and love from the Change Game pulldown menu but we dare you to tell us v2 isn’t slicker and prettier!

At Crypto.Games, you can play dice with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Neogas, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and our latest addition, Solana.

Don’t forget, VIP members get an even lower 0.8 house edge, and there’s absolutely no speed limit on Mondays and for players who opt to complete Level 3 KYC.

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