Not quite the puzzle game, Boomer

Unless you were born on the wrong side of the millennium, Minesweeper should evoke memories of the classic home computer puzzle game where you had to clear out a board of squares riddled with hidden mines. Either way, Minesweeper continues to be a popular game, with all kinds of modern variations on the concept of figuring out just where those pesky mines really are!

On CryptoGames Minesweeper, you don’t get the help of flags and numbered squares to help you guess where mines might be hidden, as in the traditional puzzle version. Instead, you rely purely on chance, with the daring minesweeper (that’s you) activating an ever-increasing payout with each clear square successfully navigated.

Play Minesweeper at CryptoGames

To play Minesweeper at CryptoGames, simply select Minesweeper from the Change Game pulldown menu.

Once the page loads, you will find a play field of 25 tiles, 5x5. The default field contains 10 hidden mines, with the lowest bet possible in credits. You can customize several options here:
  • Bet amount, denominated in credits. To see the equivalent value in crypto, use the conversion reference on the bottom left, below betting options.

  • Number of hidden mines, from 1 to 24. The fewer hidden mines there are, the higher the win chance (the likelier you are to open a clear tile) but the lower the initial payout will be.

  1. When you’re ready, click START and choose any tile you would like to open.
  2. As soon as you open a clear tile, the CASHOUT option will appear, allowing you to take your profits and end the game.
  3. Each time you dodge a mine, you can also choose to play on, revealing more and more tiles, dramatically increasing the potential CASHOUT amount as the win chance lowers.
  4. As soon as you open a tile with a mine, the game ends and you’ve lost your bet.

Deceptively simple, yet addictively fun and rewarding, just like all our other casino offerings! Join us at CryptoGames and catch the winning spirit, not the mines!

You didn’t need to know, but...

The visual representation of mines in CryptoGames Minesweeper is derived from naval mines that were meant to explode on contact with enemy ships. The familiar protuberances you see on the mines are “Hertz horns”, first deployed by the German navy in the mid-19th century.
The minesweeper was a special ship whose sole purpose was to detect and remove or detonate these mines -- today, aerial minesweepers (including helicopters) are also used by modern navies.