Withdrawals - Q&A

Withdrawals – The Most Common Questions and Answers

In our last blogpost, we explained what to check when doing a deposit and what possible problems could occur during the process. Todays post will be focused on withdrawals, the site sending coins to you. Like with deposits, there are a few things to keep in mind and a few questions that come up again and again. This post aims to answer the most common.

What do I have to consider before requesting a withdrawal?

In order to withdraw any coins, all of your deposits need to have at least 2 blockchain confirmations. You can check if they do by looking at your deposit history or looking up the transactions on a block explorer of your choice. Further, you will have to validate the request via your email, so make sure you got access to your mail address as well. Now check the bitcoin or altcoin address you want to withdraw coins to, make sure there aren't any typos and/or errors in the address and you have the right address for the coin you want to withdraw. If you have checked all these, you’re ready to request a withdrawal.

What speed should I choose for my withdrawal?

We offer different withdrawal speeds. You can move a withdrawal slider from left to right. The lower fees means slower confirmations times, while transactions with the highest fees are confirmed faster. Users in a hurry should opt for the fast withdrawals, while those that don’t mind a long wait (even a week or more) might prefer using the lowest fees for withdrawal. Generally, for the average user, we suggest the medium option, as it is a good mix between keeping the fees low and ensuring a fast confirmation time.

I’ve requested a withdrawal but there is no transaction yet, what now?

First, make sure you’ve confirmed the withdrawal request via the link sent to you by mail. If you have done that, wait a bit. Should there be no transaction after a few hours, get in touch with the support team. In some rare cases, a withdrawal needs to be confirmed manually, which means it takes a little time before the transaction is sent.

My withdrawal was sent, but is unconfirmed, can the site speed it up?

No, once a transaction is sent, there is nothing the site can do to get it confirmed, you will have to wait on the network to do its job. You can influence the speed for future transactions by choosing a higher fee/speed when requesting the withdrawal, but for this one you will have to wait it out.

I have requested a withdrawal but I don’t want it or don’t need it anymore, can I cancel it? 
After a withdrawal has been confirmed via the email link and the transaction was sent, there is no way to cancel a withdrawal, you will have to deposit the coins back into your account if you want to continue playing.

What happens with a withdrawal if it doesn’t get confirmed via mail?

If you do not confirm your withdrawal via the link sent to you by mail, or if the mail doesn’t reach you for some reason, the request will be cancelled after 2 hours. In this case, the coins will be added back to your account/your balance.

Can you resend a transaction if it doesn't get confirmed? 

No, we're not resending transactions.

How should I determine the fees for my transaction? 

For Bitcoin transactions, you can check the Bitcoin fees website.

Example: I was charged 0.0005 BTC fees for my withdrawal, but the bitcoin transaction sent used a lower fee, why does this happen? 

The withdrawal fee charged to a user issuing a withdrawal is the fee for a transaction with the size of 500 bytes (which is the current median transaction size according to tradeblock), in this exemplary case, 0.0005 BTC. The actual transaction sent uses a per kB fee that’s twice the size of your charged withdrawal fee (in this example, 0.0005 BTC are charged, and 0.001 BTC per kB are used). However, if the transaction is smaller than the average, the total fee will be lower accordingly. Likewise, if the transaction is bigger than the average, the total fee will be higher accordingly. In either case, the fee charged to the user will be the same, 0.0005 BTC, as it’s not possible to estimate the size a withdrawal transaction will have before the withdrawal is requested. In any way, the fee you are being charged is always the fee that is shown on the slider (“withdrawal fee”), where you select the fees, and the amount you receive is always the amount shown in the withdrawal popup (“Withdrawal amount after fees”).

Blockchain.info says "Transaction rejected by our node", what now?

Blockchain.info is unreliable when it comes to checking transactions. Instead check blockcypher.com, blockexplorer.com or whichever block explorer you prefer. If it's visible in at least one of these block explorers, then your transaction has not been rejected.

Coinbase told me they did not receive any coins and they have been refunded to CryptoGames. Will you send it again? 

We're not resending any coins, unless it was rejected on ALL block explorers (for example  blockcypher.com, blockexplorer.com, etc) and transaction was actually cancelled. Monitor and keep track of your transactions on those block explorers.
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