Faucet Usage and Faucet Abuse - An in-depth analysis

What is faucet abuse?

This is a question that gets asked regularly in our chat, and on the spot, it can be difficult to define what is and what is not faucet abuse. Even more so when trying to be brief and without filling the chat with long range explanations and background information. Even when doing so, players often perceive the answers to be too vague and have further in-depth questions. To put it simply, the question of faucet usage is one that breaks the barriers of our chatroom. Thus as a better way of addressing this topic, in this post we will explore both intended usage and abuse of the faucets, to give players a better idea about what is acceptable and what is not. We will try to create a reference set of examples and rules players can rely on and use to inform themselves. Which brings us back to our initial question: What is faucet abuse? To properly understand which behaviour amounts to abuse, it is helpful to first explain what the intended usage of the faucets is. Let us start off with just that.

Why are there faucets?

Faucets have long been a standard feature for cryptocurrency gambling sites. One main advantage cryptocurrencies provide is the added (pseudo-)anonymity. While this is a great feature in many cases, it can also enable malicious players, and a lot of shady services are out there. Faucets allow you to test a new site you discover before you have to make any deposits to it. They enable you to try the site, familiarize yourself with the features and provable fairness, and explore the details of it, without risking any of your own money. If you then are confident with what you see and experience, you can make a deposit and use the site as intended. 

But then why do you offer increasing faucets?

Upon explaining the main purpose of faucets, this is a common follow-up question. If faucets are only to test and familiarize, why do people with older accounts get more/bigger faucets? While the above mentioned is the primary intention behind faucets, it is not the sole. Faucets also allow you to enjoy the site when otherwise you could not. We know that waiting sucks, and we want to help you pass the time. If you’re waiting for a deposit, or if you’re currently in the process of buying new cryptocurrencies and are waiting for your orders to be filled, or if you cannot make a deposit for any other reason right now, the faucets are a way to continue playing and enjoying the site and chat. They’re also a good way to test new strategies, which is something even the most experienced gambler will likely do at one point. To sum it up: Faucets help you to get started, bridge the time you are waiting, and improve your strategies. Now that we have defined what the intended use of the faucets is, it is time to take a look at the exact opposite of that, faucet abuse. While abuse can come in many different forms and ways, here are some of the most common methods we either observe being used a lot, or are asked about a lot: 

All-in bets at high multipliers

This is the classic faucet abuse scenario. It relies on betting the full faucet amount on a multiplier that brings the balance just over the minimum for a withdrawal, and is executed for as long as needed. Once the high multiplier bet is won, the player immediately issues a withdrawal. While some may claim they are simply testing the site, that is not what happens here. The betting and exploring is not the reason for the actions, it is a mean to an end, the ultimate goal is to make a withdrawal, not familiarize yourself with the site or improve your understanding. 

Betting from faucets and depositing to reach the withdrawal limit

In this scenario, a player gambles from the faucets until they reach an amount they want to withdraw. Due to this amount being below the withdrawal limit, they then deposit enough coins to issue a withdrawal. Without further betting, they withdraw all coins, those from the faucets and the faucet winnings, as well as the deposit. A player might argue that they are making a deposit, and thus should receive the coins, but they are not risking their deposit in this scenario, they are only depositing to meet the withdrawal minimums. All bets and all risked coins are still made from faucet. Thus we consider withdrawals like these to be faucet-withdrawals and might deny them accordingly with our terms of service. 

Creating a second account and wagering to claim affiliate commissions

The idea is simple: Affiliates get 15% of the house edge on all bets their referrals make, including faucet bets. It is tempting for some to refer themselves and bet from faucets with their second account to generate affiliate revenue for their main account. This method doesn’t just violate the faucet protection part of the terms of service, it also violates another section, the multi-accounting rule. Every player is only allowed one account, and referring yourself is strictly prohibited. In cases where we find users to refer themselves, we will block all involved accounts. We do insist on strict adherence to this rule. 

Withdrawing from faucets

This is the exact way the terms of service put it. What is meant by this is, if you play from faucets, and only play from faucets, and withdraw, it also does amount to faucet abuse. Withdrawals from faucet are not processed and funds confiscated. It’s explicitly mentioned in the terms of services everyone has to agree and is important to remember. 

Closing words

Finally, there is one last thing worth mentioning: Do not be afraid. We often read from regular, normal players that they are worried about the anti-abuse rules. You shouldn’t be. If you simply use the faucet in a proper way, make deposits and withdrawals, and do not go out of your way to enrich yourself off the faucets, there is nothing you have to be concerned about. This post is meant as a reference for those asking about abuse, not as a way to strike fear in everyone using the faucets. After all, the main purpose of our site is to provide entertainment and joy. And we’d like to do this for as long as possible, for as many players as possible.
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