Adjusting Playmoney - Back to its original vision

The idea of Playmoney is simple, have a site-internal token that can be given out to everyone to test the games, have fun with them, a coin that is just meant to play with it, as the name says.
However, when we added the onsite exchange option, we decided to include Playmoney in it, and have given it a value this way. Over time, that meant more and more necessary restrictions for PLAY, restrictions it originally was not meant to have.

While we would love to continue offering those additional features for Playmoney, at this time, we believe they are not worth the tradeoffs. As a result, we have decided to move Playmoney once again closer to its original idea, closer to what it was meant to be.

This sadly means getting rid of the option to exchange from and to PLAY. As of this blogpost, you will have 7 days left to exchange to and from PLAY, after this, exchanges in either direction will no longer be possible.
If you have a balance of PLAY right now, you will have to use this grace period to decide whether you want to have your balance as the new, revamped Playmoney, or whether you want to use the time left and exchange to another currency.
At 18:00 UTC on March 30th, all exchange pairs involving PLAY will be removed and further exchanges will no longer be possible.
While this might sound like bad news for some, it will also give us the opportunity to explore new, fun ways to utilize Playmoney in the future.

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