Adjusting Faucet Amounts

Announcing Adjusted Faucet Rewards and new Progression

In the past, we have periodically been adjusting the amounts of coins given out via the site’s rewards program with evolving market situations. It has been a very long time since such an adjustment has taken place and with cryptocurrency exchange rates hitting new all-time highs, we have determined it is time to take another look at the reward structure and the faucets given out to players without any conditions on the site. 

The good news first, we are committed to allowing all players to test our games without a deposit, test new strategies without any risk or simply pass the time between deposits. Out of this commitment, we’re eager to continue offering faucet rewards, so the faucets are not going away. They will however have to be adjusted to the new market situation. With this announcement, we are rolling out the new reward structure and the updated amounts can be found in the Faucet Level section. With this change we also had the opportunity to take a look at how faucet levels progress and have made several adjustments to that. We’re thankful for our most loyal users, and as a token of our appreciation, the higher faucet levels have remained almost unchanged. Most of the adjustments have been made to the first few levels, so remember that while your faucet might seem smaller right now, it can still grow to a very sizable amount over time. 

With these changes, we’re still offering one of the biggest (if not the biggest overall) faucet reward program. Please note that none of these changes will hinder your ability to play all the games on the site with your faucets and while they might be less than before, they are still plenty. Although this might not be the last time we have to adjust faucet rewards, rest assured that we will always keep them structured in a way that is fair to all players, new and old, as well as the site. Thank you for your continued support. 

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