Important Announcement: Delisting Stratis

Due to the upcoming blockchain swap on Stratis, a switch from STRAT to a new asset called STRAX, we here at CryptoGames sadly have made the decision to remove Stratis from our website. This delisting will happen in two phases, the first of which already has been implemented.

At the time of this announcement, no more deposits for STRAT are being accepted. We have also not started a new STRAT wagering contests for this month and faucets for STRAT have been disabled as well. You however still can play with STRAT, exchange it to other coins using the on-site exchange option, or withdraw it right away.

The second phase will start after November 7th. After 23:59 UTC it will no longer be possible to place any bets with STRAT. We will also disable withdrawals and exchanges for STRAT at this point, so please make sure to withdraw or exchange any remaining balance prior to this date. Make sure the place you withdraw to is still accepting STRAT deposits, or withdraw to a wallet of your own control and make sure you do not forget to swap your STRAT to STRAX on your own prior to the deadline for this swap.

If you fail to withdraw your STRAT before the second phase on November 7th, your balance will be converted to Bitcoin (BTC) and deposited into your CryptoGames account. We will not swap your STRAT to STRAX on your behalf. Further, we currently do not plan to list STRAX on our website once the swap phase on Stratis has been completed. We might decide to list STRAX at a later point, but there are no plans to doing so right away.

Users that have any questions about the delisting or need further information about the Stratis swap are encouraged to ask their questions either in our chat room, or on the bitcointalk discussion thread, or by contacting the support staff. We will happily answer all question regarding this and other topics to the best of our knowledge.

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