CryptoGames Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Contingency Plan

BitcoinCash is approaching its bi-yearly scheduled hard fork date, set for the 15th of November, and by all signs, the changes to be implemented in this round are contested. With one part of the community around the BitcoinCashABC client moving one way, and another part of the community around the BitcoinCashNode client moving a different way, the possibility of a chain-split looms big. In this plan, we’d like to explain what that means for CryptoGames users, how we plan to handle the event, and how you can prepare for it to ensure a smooth process. As there currently is no replay protection in either of the proposals, we will be disabling transactions for BCH during the hard fork and until both chains have settled down. Both deposits and withdrawals for BCH will be paused on the 14th, one day ahead of the scheduled hard fork date. How long this takes we can not say in advance, but we will keep all users updated about the status of the network after the fork. Since transactions could be paused for several days, we advise users that want to access their BCH immediately after the fork activates to withdraw their BCH before transactions are paused on the 14th.

While we currently run a BitcoinCashABC node, we do plan to respect the consensus of the BCH community and we will implement whichever chain has the clear majority support after the fork. By all indications right now, that is most likely to be BitcoinCashNode (BCHN), as it currently holds the majority of the miners support, with 800 of the last 1000 blocks signaling support for BCHN, as opposed to just 4 blocks supporting BCHA. Further, the BCHN chain also holds a sizably bigger number of signaling nodes, 122 vs 86, as well as the support of the market, with chain-split futures for BCHN trading significantly higher than chain-split futures for BitcoinCashABC (BCHA), BCHN at $255 compared to BCHA at $25. All those numbers are of course subject to change and just reflect the situation at the time of this announcement. If you want to track the process now, or during the activation of the hard fork, provides a number of useful statistics to keep track of the BCH network, as well as other Bitcoin implementations.

Whichever chain holds the clear majority support after the fork will be implemented by CryptoGames and fully available on the site in the same way BCH was before. We will continue to call the chain BitcoinCash (BCH), but make it clear for users whether it’s BCHN or BCHA. Users that held BCH in their CryptoGames account prior to the fork will be credited with their balance for the new majority chain that is implemented on the site. However, we do not plan to credit balances for the minority chain, or make those balances available to users in any other way. If you want to access your BCH on both BCHN and BCHA, please make sure to withdraw your coins prior to the fork and handle the chain split on your now.

So to summarize: BCH is splitting into BCHN and BCHA, the bigger one of which will be continued to be supported on CryptoGames and balances are carried over onto that chain.

As with all splits, fork, and developing situations, we will do our best to keep users updated about any changes, as soon as they do come to light. Keep an eye on the announcements on the site, as well as further announcements on either the blog or via the email newsletter. And if you have any further questions, regarding either the split in general, the way CryptoGames is preparing to handle it, or maybe something completely different, we are happy to answer all of them to the best of our knowledge, either via the support system, via the sites chatroom, our discord, or the bitcointalk thread. We hope this information fully prepares you for the events ahead and nobody experiences any issues with the upcoming hard fork.

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