The Ethereum Merge on CryptoGames

Ethereum’s Proof-of-Stake transition is well underway and with the London hard fork it is entering its final phase. While we have been preparing for this moment behind the scenes for a while, at this point, we would like to share a few words with you to let you know what to expect and what you yourself might have to do in order to experience a smooth transition.

First things first, CryptoGames is fully ready for the merge and we will be supporting the new consensus chain (the one using PoS) after it. Your ETH balances will be available for you on this chain and deposits and withdrawals will be possible via it. However, in order to ensure no possible loss of funds, we will have a short period where no transactions are carried out, meaning deposits and withdrawals on Ethereum will be paused during the merge. As the exact time for this has not been determined yet, we will announce it in a later update.

You can head over to the forum ( where we will keep adding new information as it comes out. We currently expect the merge to happen on September 15th (You can check an estimate yourself here:, but this is still subject to change. Transactions will be paused a few hours prior to the merge and we are going to monitor the network situation during it. While we are trying to keep disruption to users to a minimum, we will only activate transactions again once we are certain the network conditions are stable and there is no possibility for any losses of funds. How long this period is we cannot predict yet, but as usual, we will keep updating everyone via the usual channels, our blog, forum, site announcements and the chat.

It is possible that during the merge not all of the Ethereum network transitions to the new consensus layer. In such a case, there might be a chain split between the new Ethereum using PoS and the old Ethereum using PoW with two (or maybe more) resulting chains competing. In such an event, CryptoGames will only support the consensus layer (the new PoS chain after the merge). We will not distribute any split tokens. Should you as a user wish to support a different chain or wish to access your funds on all resulting chains, please withdraw your ETH in advance of transactions being suspended and handle the hard fork and any following events for yourself. That way you can make sure you can operate on any chain you would like to.

With this you should be fully prepared for the upcoming changes to the Ethereum network, but in case you still have some questions, you can contact our support via ZenDesk or ask in the onsite chatroom.

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