Are You Protecting Your CryptoGames Password?

Online security and your crypto

These days, it’s almost impossible to access online services and products without having a digital presence. And if you’re enjoying the convenience of gambling at online casinos with crypto, then you’re well aware of the need for good online security.

password management

Unfortunately, with recent trends like the global pandemic forcing people and businesses to conduct their work, study and leisure online, our online presence is only growing. In turn, there has been a huge increase in breached data and hacks as a result of unprotected data and poor cybersecurity practices.

Not surprisingly, individual human error is a major cause for security breaches – Cybint notes that human error is responsible for 95% of hacks or breaches in 2021, with Verizon estimating that 17% of these incidents involving malware and 22% involving phishing over the same period.

Setting up passwords and 2FA

At CryptoGames, gambling with crypto is easy – all you need is an account that is automatically created for you the moment you visit the site. Your account lets you deposit Bitcoin and other crypto so you can wager them on a variety of games for instant winnings.

To ensure additional steps of security preventing unauthorised access, we also recommend you set up a password via Account > Settings > Security. 

From here, we also highly recommend that you enable Google Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your account. In short, 2FA requires a second method (authentication factor) to verify your identity. When you log in or request withdrawal of funds from CryptoGames with 2FA enabled, you will be asked to enter an additional 2FA code along with your password. While this isn’t a fool proof way of locking out malicious attempts to steal your funds, it’s much more unlikely for a would-be hacker to gain access to your password AND your 2FA device (like a mobile phone or second device that spits out the 2FA code).

They say that nothing teaches you more than a lesson learnt, and many people using crypto online have learned the hard way by losing their crypto to unauthorised access. We certainly hope you never have to learn like this, so urge you to set up a strong password and 2FA to secure your CryptoGames account.

Using a password manager

That all said, passwords are comparatively weak as a form of cybersecurity – modern password cracking software can figure out simple passwords quite easily. It is recommended to use long, complex, and unique passwords as they will not be easily guessable by hackers. At the same time, setting up a more complex password makes it more difficult for you to remember or store it.

So don’t leave it to your unreliable memory or storage practices. Instead, use a good password manager, which is a type of software that helps you to securely choose, store, and maintain your passwords.

When choosing a password manager to use (there are many available) – you should understand what your needs are, as well as the trade-offs. For the general crypto user, we recommend choosing a password manager that:

  • Has good cross-platform support and cross-device syncing
  • Includes form filling so you don’t have to type out sensitive data
  • Allows password creation so you can generate strong passwords

Detects weak or duplicate passwords

You will need to decide if you want password managers that store data online or offline only (locally on your device), or if you want a free or paid one, or if you want to use commercial or open source ones. For the record, we would name LastPass as a good starting option since it has a fully functional free version and a paid one if you need to access premium features. For a completely free and open source  option we can recommend Bitwarden. As should be your habit in crypto, do your own research and decide for yourself which password manager would be the best for your needs.
A password manager isn’t only going to be useful to protect your password at CryptoGames but will also be useful for your other crypto services, including wallets, web-based exchanges, and cloud accounts.

As a final word, there is no method that is perfect. Hackers, however, are always going to look for the passwords that are the easiest to get. So your job is simply to make it as difficult for them as possible. Using a password, 2FA, and a password manager are just some simple ways for you to achieve that.

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