MuchGaming B.V. & the Crypto - Games brand

 Almost daily, we see new or shady services trying to establish themselves by using our reputation or brand in order to benefit from our good and long-standing name. Often, people message us asking for help with these new, unknown services, assuming we are somehow connected, due to the misrepresentation. As a reminder to everyone, we’d like to clearly state a few important facts here, so people can better navigate around gambling sites and ultimately, feel more secure.

CryptoGames is being operated by MuchGaming B.V., a Curacao-based company. In order to operate CryptoGames, the company holds a Curacao eGaming License. This license is limited to the CryptoGames brand and website, it cannot be transferred to any other site or branding. Based on this limitation, CryptoGames is the only website under the care of MuchGaming B.V., any other service claiming they are being operated by MuchGaming B.V. is lying. If you notice a website making this claim, please contact us about it and report the offense. Please also warn others, who might not be aware of the fact, and help protecting them from any damages.

For those of you who are not sure whether a site is using an appropriate brand name and company information, there is another element of verification. As mentioned above, MuchGaming B.V. holds a Curacao eGaming License. This license comes with a digital validation seal you can check and verify yourself. If you see a website claiming to be operated by MuchGaming B.V., look for this seal. If you cannot find any, do not trust the website and their claim. In case of CryptoGames, you will find the seal in the footer of every page, this includes all game pages, as well as the homepage. By clicking on the seal, you can verify that the website you were directed from is holding an active and valid Curacao eGaming License. You can further verify that the license was issued to the specific company (MuchGaming B.V.) and for the specific brand (www.Crypto.Games). If you always look for and check the seal, you cannot be misled.

To sum up: MuchGaming B.V. only operates Crypto.Games and you can verify this using the seal.

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