Slot machines

Slots at CryptoGames

Crypto.Games is one of the best gambling platforms to play slot machines at. Our slots have an incredibly low house edge of only 1.97%!

ethereum slot machine

You can spin the slots using different cryptocurrencies. Currently, we accept Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Doge, Ethereum, Gridcoin, and Peercoin. The minimum and maximum bet size for each coin is as follows:

Coin Minimum Maximum Maximum Win
Bitcoin 0.00001  0.005  5
Dash 0.001  0.5  500
Litecoin0.001  0.5  500
Dogecoin10  5000  5,000,000
Ethereum0.0002  0.1  100
Gridcoin1  500  500,000
Peercoin  0.002  1  1,000

How to play

Playing Slot machines at Crypto.Games is very simple. It is a fruit slot machine made up of 5 reels which can be spun by using the spin button. After making a deposit of at least the minimum bet amount (see the table above), head over to the “Slot” game and click the spin button. You will see the reels spin and then stop after few seconds. Your winnings are calculated based on the winning combinations shown in the table below.

Winning combinations and multiplier:

Combinations Multiplier
You can also use the Auto-Spin feature which will spin the reels automatically until you press the “Stop” button or your balance is below the minimum bet.

Ready to play some slots? Head over to Crypto.Games and start spinning!